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Picture this: you arrive to work ready for a busy day and log into your system to find you cannot access your files or respond to a client’s query. Disaster, right?

With Pinfields IT’s Backup solutions you will never experience this and in the unfortunate occasion you do, we deliver the highest level of service that caters to your convenience to ensure that your working day and productivity will not be disrupted due to backup issues.

The team will work to pinpoint the exact data you are missing and guide you with the recommendations with the most appropriate options to restore this and prevent it from happening again. The variety of backup solutions we provide at Pinfields IT are vast, giving you peace of mind so that your main focus can be your business.

Our Backup Solutions

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Duplication Copies: 

Ensuring you have duplicate copies of your most imperative information, secured in an isolated location, in the unlikely events of something going wrong with your system.

Computer Crashes: 

These typically happen when you least expect it and often, files and data can get lost.

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Virus Infection: 

Malicious viruses can enter your system and corrupt the files and data you have stored which leads to disabling your computer.

Backup Everything

A fresh and modern approach to storing your data in the ‘cloud’, this allows for users to upload duplicate copies of data on to the internet instead of saving it on a hard drive. We offer a backup service that backs up mobiles, laptops, desktops and Office 365.

No matter how big or small your issue, Pinfields IT have the solution.

Why Choose Us?

Pinfields IT backup varied software’s from Mac and VMware to Windows and Linux and use applications such as Oracle, SQL andExchange to do so. We have ‘clouds’ dedicated to different software’s such as Office 365 and OneDrive and ensure we use the highest grade of encryption to maintain the security of your data.

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