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Tips on how Office 365 can Protect your Business

Microsoft Office 365 changes the way that many businesses work so it is an essential function and it is more than just a set of tools as it allows users to work collaboratively and remotely. It is made to meet all of your businesses needs including security and compliance with legal standards, it creates policies that enable services that protect your business. We have put together some of our favourite Office 365 features that will help protect your business. Mobile Device Management Some of your staff access company data on their phones or tablets. Your staff should be trained so that they know how to protect your company’s sensitive data. Also, you need to make sure that their phones or t

3 Ways for a Better Employee Experience with Office 365

Office 365 has seen a steady growth across both businesses and industries. It is known for its ease of administration, cost predictability and IT resource reallocation advantages, but not everyone has great experiences when using Office 365. What can a business do to ensure success with Microsofts popular cloud-based subscription service? Performance When it comes to essential office productivity tools performance needs to be the best it can be. When email, excel, word or other applications aren’t working properly then that’s when you start having problems when your employees start to use that application less. One of the issues with Office 365 is that when the servers are no longer working

How OneDrive can Revolutionise your Business.

OneDrive for Business has seen a big change in power and function. It is now a vital component of the tech giants pledge for a more accessible and collaborative experience within the Office 365 and SharePoint world. Want to know why OneDrive is the best? Carry on reading! Synced and Shared Content is always moving to the cloud but what does this mean for your business? Sync and share platforms are going to play a bigger role when it comes to getting everything done. OneDrive for business allows users to do as much work with their mobile phone where ever they are as they can do in an office on a desktop computer. It has a fully functional sync and share experience on all their devices, so us

4 Ways to Stay Informed About Office 365 Updates

A lot of people have trouble keeping up with the latest trends and changes in technology. Office 365 is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the updates. It is really important to stay informed, seeing as Microsoft owns the platform they can roll out new features whenever they want as well as remove the functionality or change the way some features work. Here are 3 ways to know what is happening with Office 365! Release Options One of the main things you need to know is what features you are going to see from Microsoft. This comes in two parts, Office client and the Office 365 service. Office 2016 Client – you may be licensed for Microsoft Office depending on your

Office 365 Tips

Office 365 changes every month, some of these changes get overlooked. Office 365 planner and Microsoft Teams are great tools for maximizing productivity, there are hidden functions and tricks that you can use to make everything easier. Here are 5 tips to improve your experience with Office 365. Declutter your Inbox If you’re having trouble managing all the emails you have in your inbox you can use the Office 365 “Clutter” feature to clear some space. To turn this feature on go to settings > options > mail > automatic processing > clutter then select separate items identified as clutter. Once this has been activated you will need to mark any unwanted messages as “clutter” and this will teach

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