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Why SMEs Need to Focus on Cyber Security

A lot of small businesses don’t think they are a risk to cyber-attacks, as a survey showed that almost one third of businesses that have been attacked don’t make it a main priority for security measures, as well as an equal number of them agree that it doesn’t need to take the main priority place. Nearly 80% of small businesses don’t receiver any training to prevent cyber-crimes, 69% have no formal policies regarding cyber security and 26% of SMEs done even have any security measures at all. Not Aware of the Risks The most common way to attack an SME is now by email, which is then followed by account hijacking and then 92% of UK attacks were then targeted through devices connected through th

How to Protect your Email

We take our emails with us where ever we go, email is everywhere! It is vital to have a work email now, considering how much we use our email do you know how secure it is? In 2016 email hacking was a big topic, since then we have learnt a lot of new ways on how to protect your email! A reliable email provider – If you are using a big and well-known email provider, then they will have consistent security updates as well as built in privacy features. You should just solely rely on your email provider though, as many popular providers still get probed by hackers. Strong password – It’s now quite common to store your passwords in your web browser or in other apps and tools, which means that you

5 Reasons Why a Small Business Should Outsource IT Support

Technology is now a massive part of any business, no matter what they provide or their size. A lot of businesses are now becoming dependent on computers and other piece of technology for them to be able to work day to day. The advances of technology is now an essential part of running a business, it can either increase productivity or reduce your costs. Businesses are using a lot more technology which means that there is now a strain on a business to manage their IT, what the point in getting the latest technology if a business is not equipped to manage it. if you outsource IT then it will save you money as well as saving your staff spending hours on trying to solve IT problems, here are 5 m

How to have an Effective Disaster Recovery

If bad weather has shut down where you live and your office is inaccessible, but you need to do some work for your key client, what do you do? You need to consider two factors when putting a disaster recovery plan together, these two factors are survivable downtime and cost. We can discuss the impact these factors will have on your IT network. Survival Downtime This is easy, how long can your business survive without access to important business systems. Having a good disaster recovery plan is about keeping your business running as if nothing has happened at all. Think about a disaster that might happen and the impact that it will have on clients and customers, what would happen to them if y

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