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How Secure is Your Business?

When it comes to network security, a lot of people think that larger businesses are the only ones that need to protect their networks against online threats. However, smaller businesses are now a regular target to a growing base of expert hackers. SMEs think that their business is safe but in reality, the threat is just getting greater and greater as hackers are looking to target their unprotected networks. According to recent studies, only 16% of respondents said that an investment in cyber security was their top priority. This is an alarming figure seeing as the cyber world is growing rapidly, along with cyber risks. There are over 317 million new pieces of malware, computer viruses and ot

How to Enhance your Businesses Cyber Security

The past couple of years have seen an increase in online criminal activities and attacks. For companies and businesses, the threat of ransomware and information threat has grown significantly. A lot of businesses have started to become dependent on technology, so they need systems in place that are fool proof as well as paying close attention to the data security in their systems. All companies need to invest in separate cyber security teams that will monitor and protect the company’s network, they will also keep testing and updating these cyber security systems. As well as employing a security team, you will also need to adopt other protocols in your working process that will help enhance d

How to get Faster Wi-Fi

A stable internet connection is needed, no matter what you are doing online. To keep up with your competitors you need to make sure that there is no buffering or constant page refreshes. Here are some tips on how to speed up your Wi-Fi… Router Centralisation To make sure that your signal is strong it is best to place the router in the middle of the room without any walls or doors obstructing it either. It might also help by keeping your router in a high place as they tend to spread signals downwards, so the higher you place it the more coverage you will have. Repositioning Antennas Position the antennas perpendicular to each other, so one is horizontal, and one is vertical. Your reception wi

Telephone System Mistakes You Could be Making

You might take your telephones for granted as they have become such a commonplace in businesses. You don’t really think how much money you save by having a phone system or how they help run your business smoothly. Considering how long telephones have been around for, it’s amazing how many businesses are making the same mistakes! Here are some examples… Paying Too Much A lot of businesses are always looking at areas where they can cut costs, but a lot of people don’t consider the ways of reducing their phone bill. Recent studies found that 9 out of 10 business have no idea how much they are paying for their phone bill and few outgoings are taken for granted as much as the telephone bill, espe

How to be Cyber Secure

A lot of SMEs have been slow to implement cyber security thinking that their business might not be a target, even though recently high-profile cyber-attacks are changing attitudes. Large organisations need to dedicate resources to protect their networks as well as smaller organisations, all businesses are at risk. Cyber-crime operates in a number of ways, could be from an individual targeting your businesses to viruses and malware which would then spread through unsecure networks. Now that you know that cyber-crime makes all businesses vulnerable, how do you prevent it? The best method for staying cyber secure is ‘prevention rather than cure. There are many ways to get your company’s data an

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