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Technology Risks that put Your Business in Danger

Technology is great for business, but it plays an important role in most businesses as it lets you save money and increase productivity. Tech and IT will help employees across all areas in a business as new applications and software has massive impacts on business procedures. However, these advantages come with risk. You need to think of technology like it’s a business partner. People treat technology like it is a silent partner because business lacks the resource to continually monitor and maintain it, when it fails it shouldn’t just be an IT problem, it should be a business problem. Here are 5 IT risks that could be putting your business in danger. Infrastructure Your technology needs regu

Browser Security for Business

The internet is full of malware, scams and hackers and business owners know that data is everything. If you or your employees use the internet unprotected, then you could be threatened by cyber-attacks. A way to protect your businesses data is to secure your browser, it is easy to do, even for a small or medium sized business. If you have data stored on your desktop, servers or the cloud then this doesn’t mean that its safe. If anything, it might make it more vulnerable as it will be available to anyone who has the capabilities to hack into your system. One way to protect your data is to make use of the privacy-protecting browsers extensions. You and your employees will probably be online at

5 Technology Problems for a Small Business

Seeing as technology moves at a fast pace, it is important for a business to change to new technology or they could be left behind. If you run modern business, then technology is important to you and it can be frustrating when things go wrong. Technology can become outdated and even redundant over time and cybercrime continues to rise which becomes a threat to all businesses no matter how big or small. Technology plats a major part in your business and its success, but issues will always arise that can be dangerous to your company. Not Enough Security An average company will face at least 8 cyber-attacks a year, and this is continuing to rise. One of your businesses top priorities should be

What’s the Right Computer for You?

As a business owner you will need to work more than 40 hours a week to build your business, you’ve got your hands full trying to figure out what choices will make or break your company. One important decision you will have to make is what computer hardware you want and whether you want a desktop system or laptop. Portability Desktop computers are as immobile as they used to be as you have to unplug, move then plug them back in. laptops will allow you to go anywhere, even places that don’t have electricity. Although the ability to take your work anywhere can be counterproductive as it could create more stress for employees as they might think that they must work all the time. Speed and Memory

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