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Why Cyber Security Is So Important For Your Business

Your business is only as secure as the data you’re holding. If you are hacked you can lose access to your personal and financial data for you or your clients. This could also disrupt your website; or you could even see financial loss.

It is therefore necessary to put in place cyber security systems in order to protect your network, website, data and communication systems.

Here are a few ways you can increase your level of security:

Anti-Virus Software

A firewall is a good start. This will help prevent the majority of malicious software and hacking attempts will struggle to even make it to your network. Some malware will still make an appearance and therefore it’s advised to take further precaution and install an anti-virus software. This will pull up any unwanted malware and give you access to easily remove it.

Protecting Your Communication Systems

With more and more communication methods being used: voice and video calls, instant messaging, online chat and screen share, it is possible that messages and calls can be intercepted. It is therefore important to use encryption where possible.

Encryption is also key for data held in the cloud. You have less control over the security of infrastructure at data centres than you do of your own network. Knowing that the data is encrypted provides you a further level of protection.

Disaster Recovery

If your data is stolen, your website is hacked or you lose access to your network the chances that you’ll be out of action for a while is high. You can lose a lot of revenue in that period. It’s important that you have a professional security audit of the business in order to highlight any areas of concern and then take steps to negate the risks.

A disaster recovery plan is a key necessity every business should have. With this system in place if you’re hacked you could be back up and running within a day should the worst happen. This could be the difference between surviving and going out of business.

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