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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the body of technology that is designed to protect different networks, devices, data and programs from damage, attack or unauthorised access. It is also known as information technology security.

Why it is Important.

Cyber security is important because everyone stores large amounts of data on their computers and devices. This data could be sensitive information and if it is exposed it could lead to negative consequences. This information could be financial data, intellectual property or personal information you don’t want shared. A lot of bigger businesses transmits sensitive data across networks or to other devices while doing work, cyber security describes the discipline that is dedicated to protecting the data and the systems used to share it. Cyber-attacks are growing and growing, if you are in a business where you are tasked with safeguarding information relating to health of financial records then you need to make sure all that information is protected. In March 2013 the nations tops intelligence officials cautioned that cyber-attacks and digital spying was a top threat to national security.

Challenges of Cyber Security.

For effective cyber security you will need to coordinate your entire information system, as elements of cyber includes all of these:

  • Data Security

  • Network Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Mobile Security

  • Disaster Recovery

  • End-user education

  • Application Security

  • Identity Management

  • Endpoint Security

  • Database and Infrastructure Security

The difficult challenge in cyber security is that security risks are changing all the time. The government and larger organisations have focused most of their cyber security resources on security that protects their most crucial system components. This option isn’t as effective anymore because threats are advancing and changing quicker.

Managing Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Alliance recommends an approach to cyber security management across all business practices. They also advice that you should be prepared to respond to inevitable cyber incidents to ensure that your company’s assets are protected. When taking cyber risk assessments you should consider any regulations that impact the way your company stores and secures its data, when following a risk assessment develop and implement a plan to protect your important information and outline this in your assessment so it detects and responds to security incidents. This should encompass the processes and technologies that are required to build mature cyber security programs.

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