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Cyber Security for the Cloud.

There has been a recent study which shows that there are 7 benefits the cloud gives to strength security. It has unlimited storage capabilities for global threat intelligence and historical data which has powerful processing capabilities for security analytics and the ability to deploy security technologies which will even the most remote outposts. However, your security team should think about how attackers are now banking on the increasing usage of software as a service app that is based in the cloud.

If you are able to understand and address the main security challenges that cloud apps will introduce to your organisation it will require visibility into what data is stored in the cloud as well has how the data is being used. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself –

Which cloud apps are your employees using and what are the risks?

What files/data is exposed through the cloud apps?

Can I control the sensitive data that Is shared through cloud-based apps?

If an attack happens, can I get to the bottom of it and set policy to prevent future attacks?

In a cloud-based world, file sharing is much more fluid which means you need a more comprehensive way to prevent sensitive data from being shared. This visibility into data and activities will provide the ability to detect any differences, conduct further investigation and take fast and decisive action.

The cloud is transformative in its impact to create new business models, enables more effective collaboration and increase productivity and agility. However, to be able to take advantage of these features will require business to take measures to address the increased risk of malicious or accidental leakage of sensitive data that is beyond or within the traditional security perimeter, which includes cloud storage. These measures will require a combination of the right technology, security policies and an educated user base. This can only be achieved by creating an organisational security culture which means all stakeholders work together toward building a strong defence which is likely to thrive under the pressures coming from cyber-attacks.

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