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Is Your Company Using Legal Software?

Using software that is legal doesn’t only protect you against the risk of legal action, it also helps you avoid wasting money on unnecessary software and it reduces the risks of IT security problems. When acquiring and managing software make sure you have an organised approach and that all of your employees understand your policy and why it’s important.

Software Risks

  • Illegal software can be a source of viruses, malware and many other security problems.

  • Software that is downloaded off the internet can carry viruses, especially if it has come from a disreputable source.

  • Illegal software can also contain spyware and Trojans which will allow hackers to break into your computer to steal data.

  • It is wise to block use of peer-to-peer applications on your business systems and these can carry virus infections.

  • Software piracy can include an unlimited fine or even a prison sentence.

  • We can help you with the best software to buy, purchasing it yourself could involve confusing licensing agreements and terms and conditions, some can also have a permit on the amount of people who can use it, if you exceed the limit you will be breaking the law.

Legal Basics

The two main types of software:

  • Desktop software – this is a traditional software that you can buy and install on your computer, you usually pay for a one-off fee to use it but there are many packages available that are on monthly subscriptions.

  • Cloud software – this is accessed over the internet, you pay a regular fee which is usually monthly to use it. Cloud software is also referred to as software as a service (SaaS) hosted software or hosted applications.

When you buy software you usually purchase a licence, and this sets out exactly how you can use the desktop or cloud software.

When it has been brought it will show the software license and you are required to agree to it before you open it, the license agreements can be long and tricky to understand but it will specify how many copies you can use.

Make sure all your software is legal, if you have any questions contact us!

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