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What is a Back Up

An online back up is a method of off-site storage, which data is regular backed up over a network on a remote server. This is typically hosted by a service provider.

Online back ups are basically the same as a cloud back up. Before the term cloud was used, an online back up meant backing up to a serviced providers site, now that site is almost always some kind of cloud.

You can pay a service provider to handle back ups and the pricing with depend on capacity, frequency and the size of the back up. SMBs with lower back volumes and smaller IT teams are prime users for online back ups. Some organisations can still use traditional back up software to move data to a public cloud, this is a similar process to backing up to a disk or a tape, except for the data goes over the network to the providers site.

How a Back Up Works

Software as a service (Saas) - based online back up automatically copies the data to another site via secure connection, it also allows for on-demand restoration by users. Online computer back ups is a SaaS product that is deployed on a server at the company data centre. Online backup systems are typically ran on a schedule which is determined by the purchased level of service.

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