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Why You Need to Regularly Back Up Information

No matter how big your company is regular backups are essential to secure your company’s network. Doing regular backups is the most important step you can take to avoid a network disaster.

Backups will ensure that regardless of your current security, you have secure and clean data in case their is a data loss, hack attack or even a natural disaster. Here are 3 reasons on why you should regularly backup your information.

Failure to Backup can Cost You Money

Having regular backups is an insurance policy for your business. Seeing as the modern business is supported by computer networks, if you lose this data it can have a really bad financial effect on your business.

Even small security breachers can impact a number of files, this is what many small businesses suffer from. A survey from IT leaders from over 24 countries found that incidents which led to data loss, increased by 400% in the last 2 years.

Ransomware Can Happen at Any Time

The spread of ransomware is another trend that is growing across the world. Your entire network s encrypted when you’re hit with ransomware malware. When this happens you get locked out of your account until you pay the hackers.

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you’re going to go under the radar. With a secure backup of your system, then you will avoid paying the ransom and simply restore your data before you was infected with the ransomware.

Regular Backup your Information

Regardless what happens, backups help you rebuild your network otherwise you can lose important data like customers personal information, product information, payroll data and business plans. If a virus starts to destroy your network, failure to restore your system from a clean backup can leave you without a network for days or even longer, which will destroy your customer confidence in the process. Sometimes it not even hack attacks or malware it can be simple data corruption.

The Right Backup Strategy

Pinfields IT is dedicated to ensuring secure backups as a part of managed IT support in Worcestershire.

Cloud Backups - Cloud backups are a vital part of a smart backup strategy, this helps ensure that if your business suffers a disaster you are able to restore your data off site.

Encryption of Data - Backup data should be encrypted when in transit, otherwise you can get hacked. A smart encryption plan to key to overall data protection on your network.

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