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How OneDrive can Revolutionise your Business.

OneDrive for Business has seen a big change in power and function. It is now a vital component of the tech giants pledge for a more accessible and collaborative experience within the Office 365 and SharePoint world. Want to know why OneDrive is the best? Carry on reading!

Synced and Shared

Content is always moving to the cloud but what does this mean for your business? Sync and share platforms are going to play a bigger role when it comes to getting everything done. OneDrive for business allows users to do as much work with their mobile phone where ever they are as they can do in an office on a desktop computer. It has a fully functional sync and share experience on all their devices, so users can select the data they want to sync using whatever device they want. It also allows you to work on essential documents that you need and then those changes will be synced and shared.

Powerful Collaboration

A business wants a faster and inclusive way of doing things, making it easier to collaborate and communicate with each to be more efficient. With OneDrive for Business features you will be able to...

Move and copy from your OneDrive to SharePoint – this will make it easier to share documents with one another and to move content between two platforms.

Co-authorising documents – with this you won’t need to copy and paste documents into emails where there can be mix-ups with copies and versions.

Discovery of documents – this recommends content to you. It knows what colleagues you work with, who you have had meetings with and those that you email

Transition to the modern workplace – seeing as you can sync more than just your SharePoint Online documents you can now sync and access your shared drive on SharePoint.

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