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Tips on how Office 365 can Protect your Business

Microsoft Office 365 changes the way that many businesses work so it is an essential function and it is more than just a set of tools as it allows users to work collaboratively and remotely. It is made to meet all of your businesses needs including security and compliance with legal standards, it creates policies that enable services that protect your business.

We have put together some of our favourite Office 365 features that will help protect your business.

Mobile Device Management

Some of your staff access company data on their phones or tablets. Your staff should be trained so that they know how to protect your company’s sensitive data. Also, you need to make sure that their phones or tablets are protected against any unforeseen problems like if they got lost or stolen.

If you have Office 365 there is a feature called mobile device management option (MDM). This allows your business to secure and manage your employees’ mobile devices, it works well if your employees only access their emails through the businesses mobiles or tablets. This feature also allows you to create and manage device security policies, view detailed reports and wipe devices.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Hacking incidents are becoming more and more popular and a lot of these incidents can be traced back to poor password management. You need to remember that your passwords need to be changed frequently and should include a mix of lowercase, uppercase and numbers, you should use the same password for multiple log-ins.

With the multi-factor authentication (MFA) you can add an extra layer of protection and security to the login process.

If your business has any compliance requirements, then you might need more options.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) will make sure that your sensitive information stays where it should, and it doesn’t get sent outside of your business. With DLP you can locate sensitive information across many locations like emails, OneDrive, Word and more, and you can also prevent users from sending that information outside the business.

This feature is fully customisable, so you can make it fit to what you need. You can not only block the location of the data, but you can also block the type of information, condition and the action that is taken.

Advanced Protection

One of the biggest threats to IT security is ransomware which is usually spread through links and email attachments. You should train your staff on how to decipher a phishing email or phone call, you should train your staff regularly as ransomware is getting more realistic looking.

Advanced Threat Protection will help stop malicious links and attachments from getting into your inbox in the first place, it will open the attachment and then link a virtual environment and checks for any malicious activity before it reaches your inbox.

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