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Technology for a Small Business

If you have just started your small business, you are probably wondering what sort of computing infrastructure you need. It is important to find out what tech will help grow your business instead of just having the latest technology for no reason. Depending on what business you are running there are some particular technologies you will need, here are some essential things you will need…

Technology Consultant

This is one of the most important investments you will make, you will need either one or two technology consultants who you trust, who know about your business and who can guide your growth in technology.

You’ll have an accountant and solicitor for obvious reasons and so having a technology consultant is no different as they will provide solutions for you. To pick the best consultant find the work they have previously done and try and build a relationship with them.

High-Speed Internet

Having a slow internet connection might kill your business productivity which could mean missed opportunities. If your business is online or you do a lot of business online then your internet service is the lifeblood of your business so you need to make sure that the vendor that provides the service has a very reliable service and support.


You need computers for each employee and these computers can be slow or old, they need to new with high-speed tools. All of your computers will need to be set up in a network with a file server and shared internet access. If your business is about design and you employ graphic artists, then you will need powerful computers that will be able to manage and store the files quickly.

Data Security

It is very important that all of your businesses data is secure and backed up. All of your computers and your local network should have a firewall (a hard firewall for your network and a software-based firewall for your computers.) You will also need a full security suite which can protect your business from malware, viruses and internet threats. You will also need a disaster recovery plan to protect your data against any disasters.

If your business has personal or sensitive data of your customers you need to make sure all of that data is secure and compliant with regulations, like GDPR.

It might also be a good idea to invest in some security training for your employees to make them the strongest defence if everything else fails.

Cloud Computing

A lot of small businesses now use the cloud as it reduces upfront costs, offers the flexibility to grow and fives a better customer experience.


Having a Gmail or Hotmail email address just looks unprofessional. You can always as your technology consultant to set up email addresses for you as part of your web-hosting service. If you are in a regulate industry its vital to have systems in place to archive your email, so it complies with government regulations for your industry.

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