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How to Protect your Email

We take our emails with us where ever we go, email is everywhere! It is vital to have a work email now, considering how much we use our email do you know how secure it is? In 2016 email hacking was a big topic, since then we have learnt a lot of new ways on how to protect your email!

A reliable email provider –

If you are using a big and well-known email provider, then they will have consistent security updates as well as built in privacy features. You should just solely rely on your email provider though, as many popular providers still get probed by hackers.

Strong password –

It’s now quite common to store your passwords in your web browser or in other apps and tools, which means that you don’t have to worry about remembering long and complex passwords. When you set your email, password try and pick one with capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and even symbols if you can!

Encrypt sensitive emails –

If you deal with sensitive data at work, then it needs to be safe and secure in your emails. Some web browsers have a good cryptography or https connection, which is another level of security. You can always ask us if you need any help, we know that finding the right source can be tricky.

Threats –

You still need to be aware of potential threats, even with an email provider. Never click on any suspicious or unwarranted links, most cyber-attacks are down to people clicking on links from trick emails.

Public Wi-Fi –

There are now a lot of public wifi spots, even though they can be good for your mobile data, they are bad for your security. In 2015 a Finnish security firm hacked 3 British politicians just to show the faults of public wifi. If you use public wifi a lot then you can use a VPN (which is a virtual private network) to protect yourself and your data.

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