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Why SMEs Need to Focus on Cyber Security

A lot of small businesses don’t think they are a risk to cyber-attacks, as a survey showed that almost one third of businesses that have been attacked don’t make it a main priority for security measures, as well as an equal number of them agree that it doesn’t need to take the main priority place. Nearly 80% of small businesses don’t receiver any training to prevent cyber-crimes, 69% have no formal policies regarding cyber security and 26% of SMEs done even have any security measures at all.

Not Aware of the Risks

The most common way to attack an SME is now by email, which is then followed by account hijacking and then 92% of UK attacks were then targeted through devices connected through the internet, like control systems and security cameras.

50% of software firms were attacked by cyber criminals, which means they are the most targeted industry. In one year, there was 875,000 SMEs were the targets of cyber-attacks, the worst affected are based in London.

^h4 government has now called for additional security measures to be adopted by SMEs, this should include training and education to employees, so they are able to identify the risks and prevent any attacks.

No Strategy

A recent survey interviewed over 3000 executives and found that 40% of SMEs have developed a strategy and a process to prevent cyber-attacks and some of these measures involved having technical support from experienced IT support.

On a small business, the data loss from a cyber-attack can have a huge impact. A survey shows that 4 in 10 SMEs have admitted that they would find it difficult to handle a huge data loss, and 1 in 4 businesses said they wouldn’t be able to recover at all. Having an experienced IT Support company, like us, would be able to protect your business from any cyber-crime!

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