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How to get Faster Wi-Fi

A stable internet connection is needed, no matter what you are doing online. To keep up with your competitors you need to make sure that there is no buffering or constant page refreshes. Here are some tips on how to speed up your Wi-Fi…

Router Centralisation

To make sure that your signal is strong it is best to place the router in the middle of the room without any walls or doors obstructing it either. It might also help by keeping your router in a high place as they tend to spread signals downwards, so the higher you place it the more coverage you will have.

Repositioning Antennas

Position the antennas perpendicular to each other, so one is horizontal, and one is vertical. Your reception will be maximized when your device and transmitter are operating on the same plane.

Wireless Security

By setting up wireless security, you will prevent your networks from being compromised by external threats. When you have logged into your router’s admin page, change the encryption method to WPA2 and select a password that is easy for you to remember.

Moving Channels

If you live in a crowded neighbourhood or work in a busy building then you might share the same signal place with a lot of other people, depending on which frequency your network operates on. If you choose the right channel your interference will be reduced which means that your Wi-Fi will speed up. There are a lot of apps that will help find which channels are overflowing and which aren’t.

Router Upgrades

In the past 5 years, wireless and internet technology has come a long way. If your router is older than 5 years old you might want to consider upgrading it. the best way to determine whether your router is slowing down is by looking up the model number and comparing its specs with the internet package from your ISP.

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