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How Secure is Your Business?

When it comes to network security, a lot of people think that larger businesses are the only ones that need to protect their networks against online threats. However, smaller businesses are now a regular target to a growing base of expert hackers. SMEs think that their business is safe but in reality, the threat is just getting greater and greater as hackers are looking to target their unprotected networks.

According to recent studies, only 16% of respondents said that an investment in cyber security was their top priority. This is an alarming figure seeing as the cyber world is growing rapidly, along with cyber risks. There are over 317 million new pieces of malware, computer viruses and other malicious software which would be able to target your business if you don’t have any cyber security. The result of an online attack can ruin any business due to the loss of data, business and reputation. This costs UK businesses £34 billion every year.

Some of the weaknesses that make business attractive to cyber criminals is the lack of expertise and time needed to implement security defences, as well as failing to keep systems updated and outsourcing security. Pinfields IT can provide security and disaster recovery solutions for you, this will add a virtual layer of protection to any sized business. Our technology will provide real time protection against network threats as well as offering the latest and most advanced filtering systems.

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