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What’s the Right Computer for You?

As a business owner you will need to work more than 40 hours a week to build your business, you’ve got your hands full trying to figure out what choices will make or break your company. One important decision you will have to make is what computer hardware you want and whether you want a desktop system or laptop.


Desktop computers are as immobile as they used to be as you have to unplug, move then plug them back in. laptops will allow you to go anywhere, even places that don’t have electricity. Although the ability to take your work anywhere can be counterproductive as it could create more stress for employees as they might think that they must work all the time.

Speed and Memory

Desktop computers have more memory and are faster than laptops, this is a result of advancing technology. At the moment a high-powered laptop would be too expensive for a business, so a desktop computer is better to provide your business for speed and memory. However, if your employees only work on word processing and emails then laptops would be a good choice.


Normally, a laptop is cheaper and more available to people, especially for smaller notebook-style laptops. Now, desktop computers are getting more affordable as people are gaining access to them through local channels.


A businesses computer hardware needs to be secure so private company information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. If you have a desktop computer than it is easier to defend against malware and cybercrime, this is because a desktop is usually kept in one location. If you have a laptop then make sure you have strict policies on how to protect the machine when it leaves the office.


Laptops are great because they are portable, but this causes problems to the battery and charger cable as they can easily be damaged. Desktops are sturdier but when they experience a problem it is usually expensive.

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