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5 Technology Problems for a Small Business

Seeing as technology moves at a fast pace, it is important for a business to change to new technology or they could be left behind. If you run modern business, then technology is important to you and it can be frustrating when things go wrong. Technology can become outdated and even redundant over time and cybercrime continues to rise which becomes a threat to all businesses no matter how big or small. Technology plats a major part in your business and its success, but issues will always arise that can be dangerous to your company.

Not Enough Security

An average company will face at least 8 cyber-attacks a year, and this is continuing to rise. One of your businesses top priorities should be cyber security. Recent surveys show that only 45% of small business owners think they will never be targeted by cyber criminals, but according to the Government small businesses are at higher risks of cyber-crime. You should take the time to create an in-depth cyber security plan, focus on effective anti-malware software and make sure that everything is updated regularly. It is also best to create a policy around internet usage and to train you staff on everything about cyber security and cyber-crime.

Out of Date Software and Hardware

Technology can quickly become out of date and obsolete, so it is best to monitor your technology assets. You need to know the recommended life cycle for your hardware and to audit your existing hardware at least once a year to see if there are any updates or potential threats. If you have outdated hardware, then there can be security implications and performance issues. In a competitive business world, technology is a valuable asset and if you have the most modern applications then it could give you an advantage over your competition.

Make Use of the Cloud

63% of UK businesses are planning to move over their entire IT estate to the Cloud as it is more cost effective, agile and secure. The cloud market is now estimated to be worth almost £200 billion. The Cloud can offer your business better flexibility and make it easier to scale up operations. You will also be able to save more money on your infrastructure because of the flexibility you can gain.

No IT Support

Your IT issues will be made worse if you don’t have reliable IT knowledge. This support could come from an in-house IT company or an outsourced one, at some point your business will need help with technology problems. If you work with a IT support company then you will be hiring a team of certified IT experts at a fraction of the cost.

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