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How to get the most Efficient IT System for 2019

You will have to upgrade your company’s technology eventually, we think now is a great time to do this so you’re ready for 2019! By holding out as long as possible to save money might actually be the more expensive option as you will be stuck with outdated and inefficient equipment and software. For important technology decisions, we are here to help! Upgrading your technology is a minimal expense that will yield great dividends, with these upgrades you will end up with IT infrastructure that’s tailored to meet your company’s needs.

We can help you guide your company by making recommendations on how to best utilise cloud computing. Cloud computing is revolutionising business options as it gives companies access to their data anytime and anywhere. It also equips our staff with collaboration tools, and it opens new ways to communicate.

There are many ways to incorporate cloud computing into your business computer model. One way is to migrate all of your data to the cloud then replace your hosted legacy software with cloud-based apps. Another way is to equip your office network with new cloud computing hardware that will give you all the benefits of the cloud as well as giving you more control of your data. To find out the best way to incorporate the cloud into your business is to assess the current status of your current IT setup.

When IT technicians look for a few things when determining whether a business needs to upgrade their technology, these are…

The Quality of the Current Hardware

If workplace productivity isn’t great due to faulty equipment, then you will need to upgrade as soon as possible. If this is the case for you then this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to the cloud as it will cost a lot less to buy a basic machine that is connected to the cloud instead of a top of the line server.

Operating Systems

Most company’s like to have their favourite operating system for as long as they can, but there comes a time where the software manufacturer pulls the plug and stops support it like Windows XP which then leaves businesses at a great rick. If you are using old software, then it is best if you have a technology refresh.

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