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What is an Online Back-Up?

Company data is very important to a business, if it got lost then there is a strong chance that the company wouldn’t be able to continue. Even though a lot of businesses know this. It is surprising that they still don’t know if their back-ups work.

The 21stCentury brought us USB keys and external hard drives, which have now grown in storage capacity. A lot of USB keys now hold multiple gigabytes while external hard drives hold multiple terabytes! Cloud storage/online backups will be the future for all businesses.

How is your company data currently being backed up? If your files and folders are saved locally you have a higher risk of losing them. If you don’t have a back-up, then you will lose valuable data forever. By having a data back-up and having it in a remote location it will give you security, and you won’t lose any data. A lot of businesses are unsure on what will be best for them, so here are some FAQS…

What is an Online Back-Up?

An online back-up is where data from your computer/server hard drive is copied to a remote server using a secure network. With online back-up solutions you will be using the internet and cloud technology, this provides a remote data storage solution while using minimal hardware.

What to Back-Up?

Deciding what to back-up should be your main question. A lot of companies are running regular back-ups but never check to see if it is actually working or what they are backing up. If you run a data only back-up, then you won’t be able to re-build your full systems which means the hardware is no longer useable! You need to have a full system back-up of your data and infrastructure which will allow you to re-build your entire system if you need to.

When to Back-Up?

This depends on how vital it is to the running of your business and the financial complications of being without the data you need. We think a daily back-up is required for any business!

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