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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

A lot of businesses from different industries are turning to cloud services to store, process and manage their data. Normally, a business invests in some basic software then as the business begins to evolve it will start adding business applications as it evolves. Then it will get to a point where they need to evaluate new IT strategies to allow systems to work together to support the growth of the business. Your IT infrastructure needs to be aligned with your business’s needs, so whatever IT solution you choose will depend on the situation you are in. Here are the top advantages of using cloud computing:


A lot of business find that security is an issue when changing to cloud computing solution. A cloud host’s offsite services which will have security measures that will prevent any data breaches. They typically require a powerful firewall and security protocols to make sure that business managers are comfortable storing their data on the servers. If an extra layer of security is needed, then some organisations will use third-party tools instead of relying on the cloud vendors own security. Using an additional layer of security will mean that the data will still be secure even if the hacker gets through to the cloud provider.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup solutions play an important role to comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity strategy. A cloud-based disaster will involve sorting and maintaining the data in the cloud as a security measure, because all of the data is stored in the cloud it is easy to get back up and running after a man-made or natural disaster.

In any business, downtime means a loss of productivity, revenue and brand reputation. There isn’t any way to prevent any disaster that could harm your organisation but there is something you can do to have a speedy recovery. If you have a cloud-based server than all the information you have uploaded to the cloud is safe and easily accessible from any computer that has an internet connection.

Saving you Money

One of the best benefits of cloud computing is IT cost savings no matter the size of your organisation. Moving your business to the cloud will reduce capital expenditures and reduces spending money on IT equipment, software and infrastructure. Instead of spending your IT budget on hardware, software or licensing and renewal fees you will be able to spend that money on your cloud service provider. The cloud is utility based, so you only pay for it when you need it, meaning you won’t be spending money on services you won’t use.

Flexible IT Infrastructure

Cloud computing will allow your business to be flexible, you will be able to change it to the demands of the industry you are in. if your current IT infrastructure can’t handle the new demands in either size or volume then you need to change to cloud computing. With the use of cloud services your business will be able to scale up or down operation and the resource storage of your business.

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