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What a New Business Needs to Know about Emails

By putting a small investment into a business email account will be the difference between failure and success for your business. With this in mind, a lot of new businesses don’t even think about a business email provider. Seeing as it is easy and free to set up a generic email, like a Gmail account, a lot of business owners think this would work for their business. It is more professional to have a business email, especially when your business starts to grow. Here are some benefits of having a business email for your company that you won’t get from a free email account:

Customers will notice your email address:

Small details can make or break trust with a potential client. If you use a free email account, it shows that you are a small business or your business lacks in technical proficiency to get a domain-based email address. For example, if you were at a networking event and then you hand over your business card that has a free email address which doesn’t reflect your business, because of this you would lose a client.

As well as gaining a client’s trust with a business email, you probably have a better chance of getting remembered if you have a business email. It is normal for businesses to have emails like ‘’ which is easier for clients to recall if they are trying to get in touch with you.

Building trust with clients

Have you received spam from someone’s personal email account that could have been hacked before? What if you receive a scam from a client that you have recently worked with? You wouldn’t want them to know your businesses personal information. Business email accounts have advanced security protocols and spam filters built in to make your email safe from outside threats. This is very important when your business grows as it will protect your employees and customers.

By having secure email accounts, it will give you the peace of mind knowing that your important files won’t get attacked by a virus and your customers will feel happy emailing out sensitive information without fear that their email will get hacked.

Make your email work for you

A lot of business emails will come with integrated tools that will make your work day easier. These tools could be:

  • Calendars to help you plan your work day.

  • Office applications like excel and word.

  • Consistent spam filtering and malware protection.

  • Mailbox storage.

  • Strong security that will protect sensitive data.

Saving you money and time

A business email could save you more money than a free email. A lot of free emails will come with a storage limit which means you will have to pay for more storage every couple of months. This takes time and could mean losing important emails and files.

The time that it would take managing your email storage is time that you need to spend on growing your business, contact us and we can help set up your own business email!

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