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End of Life for Microsoft Products

On January the 14th, 2020, Microsoft will end extended support for the Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010 and Windows 7, this is known as the end-of-life for the software. If you are still using this technology, then you need to be thinking of using a new OS like Windows Server 2016 or look into cloud solutions.

What does it mean if your business uses this technology?

It means the end of sale, end of monitoring and updates and the end of support. There will be no more patches or updates after the end of support and your organisation will not meet compliance standards like cyber essentials. Seeing as there are no more security patches to be realised after 2020, it means your business will be vulnerable to security threats. Any business that is using this technology will be putting themselves in danger, so now is the time to plan an upgrade, if you need help with this contact us!

End of Life Dates

Microsoft Windows:

Windows 7 – January 14th, 2020

Windows 8.1 – January 10th, 2023

Windows 10, 1709 version – April 9th, 2019

Microsoft Windows Server:

Windows Server 2008 – January 14th, 2020

Windows Server 2008 R2 – January 14th, 2020

Windows Server 2012 – October 10th, 2023

Windows Server 2012 R2 – January 10th, 2023

Windows Server 2016 – January 11th, 2027

Microsoft Office:

Office 2010 – October 13th, 2020

Web Apps Server 2013 – April 11th, 2023

Office 2016 – October 14th, 2025

Microsoft Exchange Server:

Exchange Server 2010 – January 14th, 2020

Exchange Server 2016 – October, 2025

If you need help with upgrading to a new OS or even want to upgrade to the cloud, contact us and we’ll be able to help!

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