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Is Cyber Security your Top Priority?

Your cyber security systems need to be updated so they match the threats that are currently out there in the online space. It’s important to be aware of the newest threats and malware, as well as knowing what the most common attacks that currently attack small businesses.

There is a fixed set of patterns in cyber threats that businesses face. All businesses use a similar type of software and communication channels, which have fixed loopholes that hackers can exploit. If you are aware of the standard malware and cyber threats, then you will be protecting your businesses data better.

Here are some of the most common trends in cyber-attacks that a lot of businesses face today…

Social Engineering Attacks:

Malware that is designed around social engineering is the most popular form of attacks. The user or your employee is tricked into opening a link or an attachment that is dangerous, this also happens with harmless looking websites which then lure users into downloading malware. Social engineering tactics let cyber criminals disguise their attacks into innocent looking content. These methods include hiding the malware in the form of anti-virus updates or software that is usually recommended as vital. Once the malware has been downloaded it then hides itself again by running in the background and the taking your data.


Phishing is probably the second most popular form of cyber-attacks. It comes in the form of an email, sometimes the email goes straight to spam but through clever phishing sometimes the emails can land in look like well-established websites. By looking like a real website, it tricks the user into entering their log ins, these details are then transferred to the cyber-criminal who can then choose what to do with it.


Ransomware has caused some of the most damaging attacks recently. This involves the cyber-criminal gaining access to confidential information and then encrypting it, which then causes the business or user to lose access to their information. The attacker will then ask for a ransom for you to pay to get your details back.

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