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5 IT Security Problems

A lot of business suffers from security breaches, that are caused by common IT security problems. We have created a list of the top 5 IT Security problems that your business might be making.

No Backups

According to a recent study, 60% of businesses that suffer a data loss shut down within 6 months, this is due to businesses not backing up their data properly. All businesses should be backing up their data, as well as regularly testing them too.

Reactive, Not Proactive

Hackers are always figuring out new ways to break into businesses, the IT world is always changing. Hardware is always updating causing old systems to fail due to being out of date. Most businesses wait for these issues to impact them directly before they try to get them resolved meaning that it costs more.

If you listen to the hardware warnings before it fails, you will be protecting your business. By being proactive about your IT needs then your systems don’t need to break before they are fixed.

Weak Passwords

Most business owners use a weak password to protect their important data, or they don’t even use a password! A strong password will act as a barrier to protect your data, so make sure you create a password that includes lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters if possible.

Staff Training

Your employees might be the weakest point in your business’ IT security. A lot of businesses don’t want to spend their money on having the latest and greatest IT defences, but it costs nothing to train your staff about IT security. By training your staff on how to identify a threat they will be able to help you protect your business.

Weak Data Controls

Often important data is spread across many devices, copied or left unsecure. Your client’s information is probably on your employees’ laptops, phones or tablet devices, which could get misplaced or stolen.

You might focus your costs on the devices and hardware that is purchased for the business, however the data that is held on those devices is a lot more important, so they need protecting.

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