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Everything you Need to Know About System Upgrades

It’s really important that your systems get updated to help your business. A system upgrade usually means adding new hardware or updating your existing software to help the functionality of a system. There are a lot of benefits when you upgrade your systems, it increases the lifespan of your computer equipment, making it more efficient. By upgrading your systems, it will mean your employees are more productive, so your business grows, you also get better IT support. You will get improved system security and an extended warranty on your systems.

What to consider when upgrading your system

Before you start investing in system upgrades, it’s important to know when you can implement it. If your computer is slow, a hardware upgrade won’t make it into a super-efficient computer, but software updates might have adverse effects if your hardware can’t support the latest versions.

You need to make consistent improvements to have an effective system upgrade. A hardware upgrade will include changes like swapping your hard drive, upgrading your RAM or swapping your battery for a more efficient one.

If you don’t have the budget to buy new electronics or computer equipment, then try buying more memory to improve your businesses performance.

Different hardware updates:

If you are a new business with a limited budget for computer equipment, you need to consider carefully what you need to invest it that will help grow your business. The lifespan on computer equipment has now reduced to two years as systems tend to slow down because new software is in the market. If you don’t replace your systems when this happens you could have a less-responsive system. Here are some updates that could help:

RAM - you can update to 4GB or 8GB for under £50.

Hard drive – try switching your normal hard drive to a solid-state drive for a better performance.

Processor – you can replace the central processing unit and buy one that is more advanced.

Monitor – you could replace your monitor for one that has a bigger and better display or add another one.

Different software updates:

Software updates will only be successful if your systems are compatible, a software update is a free downloadable app that will fix problems are existing in your software. The most common type of software update is one that will protect your systems from hackers or viruses.

A software upgrade is a new version of a software that will include changes that will help your current version, but sometimes you might need to buy the new version of a software upgrade to be able to access it.

Managing your systems can be time-consuming, we can help!

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