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The Most Common Tech Mistakes to Avoid

Running your own business isn’t easy and you usually have some difficult decisions while doing hundreds of things at once. Usually technology is the last thing on your mind as you have limited time, resources and assistance.

These tech mistakes are commonly made by small businesses but can be easily avoided. You need to avoid these mistakes if you want your business to be the most productive and efficient it can be.

Employee Training

Most of your employees will be able to do their day to day tasks but will have no idea what to do when a minor IT issue happens. A lot of small businesses have stopped giving out some basic IT training to their staff to save time, when in reality this is actually more time consuming as employees are probably spending more time trying to fix IT problems instead of doing their work.

It can also affect efficiency in the workplace, as your employees are probably not getting the most out of the software or hardware. It can even lead to damaging and expensive tech problems in the future. If this is happening to your business then it might be a good idea to outsource some IT support, so a team of IT experts can sort out all of your technology problems while you and your employees can carry on working.

Neglecting Security

You’d be surprised at how many small businesses neglect their cyber security, especially when stories of cybercrime and hacking are all over the news! A lot of small business think that their business will never get hacked, however smaller businesses are at a higher chance of getting hacked compared to larger organisations.

The cost and difficulty of trying to recover your business from an attack will damage your business, or even shut it down for good. By having a multi-layered security strategy with anti-virus software and firewalls will keep your business secure.

Backup Strategies

Most small to medium businesses don’t have a backup strategy to protect themselves and their businesses against cyberattacks or technology failures.

By putting a plan together tour data can get backed up to an external hard drive, secure server or the cloud will get rid of any security problems that might happen. If you don’t have any back up strategies in place then this could be expensive for your business.

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