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Cyber Security Guide for your Employees

Cyber security should be your main concern for your business that operate in an online environment and your staff need to know the dangers of security breaches. This guide will show your employees what to do if they’re faced with a security threat.

Get your employees involved

Anti-virus will help defend your business against some attacks, but the interest of your employees is more powerful! You need to help your employees understand why cyber security is important and if something happens, how it could impact them. If your business gets attacks it could cause the loss of your employee’s personal data, income from work or losing out on contracts for the business.

Knowing their role

You need to tell your employees that most cyber security breaches come from human error as many humans can be fooled easily, distracted or malicious. Here are some simple things that your employees can do to avoid security breaches:

  • Make sure you’re sending the right emails to the right people

  • Don’t click on dodgy files or links

  • Be careful using social media

  • Make sure the USBs your using from home are safe and if you connect to the public Wi-Fi with a work computer

Reach out to clients and contractors

Your clients should also have a clear data security policy in place. Can you reassure your clients that their data is safe? The same as when you have your clients come into your office, you need to make sure your data is secure. You could create a separate and limited guest network that allows visitors to have access to Wi-Fi but restricts their access so your main networks cannot be breached.

Review cyber security practices every 3 months

You need to review your communications every 3 months to make sure that your employees are understanding what you’re asking them to do. By doing this you will notice whether you are receiving a return on investment, if you aren’t then you need to find out why. Maybe your key messages aren’t coming across?

Work together

Make sure you use all the resources you can, you might need to ask your legal support or marketing team for help. These teams will offer ways on how to make it a legal requirement, training methods or how to incorporate a cyber security protocol as policy.

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