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How to minimise security risks with IT support?

Vulnerabilities in your company’s infrastructure can compromise both your current financial situation and endanger its future. It’s important to help minimise security risks before they’ve even occurred. Pinfields IT provide preventative IT support solutions to protect your business from the worst.

It’s important to have the appropriate security measures and policies in place to prevent breaches occurring due to employee negligence. Through outsourcing your IT support with Pinfields IT we can maintain antiviruses, run updates and make sure that your network is running optimally by protecting you from security threats.

From employees using mail, telephone systems, online banking and more, servers will process information and store large volumes of data. Your employees will use desktops computers, laptops and wireless devises to create, process and manage information on a daily basis. Our IT support will prevent any down time you may face, and if even if it’s past that stage Pinfields IT will get you systems running as soon as possible.

We can help prevent any vicious attacks though IT support that uses antivirus software that will prevent malware, we will keep the security software up to date with the latest versions and monitor your business 24/7.

We will apply disaster recovery measures to ensure that your data always stays safe, no matter what happens. As most companies rely on IT for their day-to-day business activity, the priority therefore is that the equipment performs at its maximum day in and day out.

We offer a remote monitoring IT support that provides a constant watch over a business’ server. This service minimised the risk of any upset by identifying any early warning signs before problems arise, ensuring your business continues to function efficiently.

What are the benefits of our IT support?

  • Client portal so you can see what is being worked on and when

  • Excellent reporting

  • Maintaining a safe and compliant network for your business

  • Seamless and secure maintenance and customer service

If you’re lacking preventative IT support, Pinfields IT can provide you with peace of mind that your business is running smoothly with no unknown security breaches.

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