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Cyber Security Tips

We live in an age where computers and technology are important for any business looking to grow, but there are threats along the way like ransomware and malware that could damage your business if it’s not protected. All of your employees are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, it takes one click to activate a virus.

Cyber Security Awareness

To develop a cyber awareness plan, you need to train your employees. Your employees are the final line of defence when it comes to cyber security, and they are usually the weakest due to not knowing how to handle any cyber security threats.

As soon as a new employee starts at your new business you need to make sure they understand cyber security. Cyber security training needs to be a significant part of IT inductions and then signed off by an IT professional. You will then need to conduct monthly refresher courses for all of your employees to update employees on any current threats and how to defend the business.

Tips on How to Improve your Cyber Security

To ensure good cyber security in your business, you will need to invest in a stronger security culture. By doing this you will be able to build your business and it will be able to fight against cyber-crime and it will provide a safer and more secure environment to work in.

Here are some tips on how to implement a proper cyber security strategy:

Test your cyber defences:

Hackers are constantly evolving their techniques, so you need to regularly test your systems to make sure your technology can deflect any attacks.

Protect all devices:

The Internet of Things is getting more and more popular, so we’re connecting more external devices to our internal network than ever! All of the devices you connect to your internal website need to be included in your security approach.

Backup your Data:

Ransomware has the capability to encrypt all of the data that is in your network, to make sure you can keep all of your data if anything happens make sure you back it up!

Analyse inbound and outbound traffic:

You need to know what is taking place on your network to be able to defend any chance of detecting a cyber-attack. By monitoring your traffic in and out you can keep an eye for any rogue activity before it escalates into something disruptive.

Cyber Security Awareness in the Office

By following this blog you will be able to create a level of cyber security awareness in the office that protects your important data and employee’s!

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