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The Biggest IT Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

Running a successful business is quite difficult, any business leaders in today’s society will be used to having to juggle multiple things in a day. Unexpected things can always crop up and there are a lot of IT challenges that business owners can face. By having an understanding of IT challenges that might occur in your business you need to plan ahead and protect your business from any threats. Here’s 8 IT challenges you may face:

Inefficient IT Systems:

A lot of SMEs IT systems have been with them for a long time, the IT systems will slowly become outdated and inefficient causing them to be no longer fit for purpose. If you’re business is in the finance, property or professional services industry then you are more of a risk of having an inefficient IT system, this is because businesses in these industries normally have ‘legacy’ systems that have been updated over the course of several years. Other business owners refuse to update their IT system because they think it would be too expensive or cause too much disruption, however the long-term benefits of investing in an efficient IT system will outweigh any other reasons.

Once you update your systems, it will start to save you time and money every day as well as providing a better working environment for you and your employees. At the moment, your employees may be getting frustrated with having to sort out IT problems or doing the same task everyday but with an integrated system your team will be able to work productively.

New Security Threats

Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated to try and gain access to your data. Cyber-attacks are on the rise in every industry, a recent study showed that there was a spike of 1000% in cyber incidents reports from just the UK finance sector this year.

Without any proper protection in place, a cyber-attack could happen at any time which could seriously impact your business and it might even have to close. Knowing your data is safe isn’t the only thing you need to do to protect your business, you also need to comply with legal obligations, especially if you deal with your customers data.

Moving to the Cloud

Cloud based services have a lot of benefits to SMEs, they allow flexible working and improved collaboration between increased security and disaster recovery. Moving to the cloud makes sense for a small business and a lot of them already have! If you’re worried about costs and security get in touch, our expert team will be able to help!

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