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Why you need external IT support

Managing a business can be very challenging, especially if you have a small team or you’re a sole trader. It’s entirely normal to minimise costs wherever possible by doing things yourself, such as IT support. However, when it comes to IT support, you may be slowing the rate of your business growth due to an ineffective means of handling your IT support. Should yourself or one of your employees handle the IT support, the level of skill and expertise would lack in comparison to that of an IT support company. With external IT support, there is the opportunity to solve problems quickly and effectively as external IT support would have the ability to locate the source of the problem effectively and remotely. Keeping your hardware and software up to date can pose as another issue as regular maintenance is required to ensure the necessary checks are in place to consistently update your systems. Should this be disregarded, the speed of your technology can be significantly impacted as well as the security of your systems too. View some reasons on why it’s worth considering external IT support below.


Did you know your legally obliged to keep your data backed up? If you’re currently utilising a free cloud back up or your own small server, your risk of losing everything is significantly enhanced. We can store and back up all of your data with no complications!

Risk of a Cyber-Attack or Ransomware

You may be unable to deal with a cyber-attack effectively if you control your own IT support. Through simple human errors such as clicking on links that look perfectly normal, malware or ransomware could infect your computer. If such malware was to contaminate your systems, it can be troublesome to get rid of these varying forms of cyber-attacks.

Latest Updates

Regular maintenance is required to continually keep updated to the latest software and this can be easily missed, or an inconvenience should you want to run your business efficiently.

Having No Time

In order to keep the running of your business up and strong, setbacks must be dealt with productively. Therefore, external it support can ensure any problems are dealt with effectively so you can continue the running of your business even when you encounter any technical issues.

You can’t Spot Problems

We are able to monitor your systems 24/7, so if there appears to be an issue, we can prevent it from occurring or deal with it before you even realise the problem.

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