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Prepare Your Business for COVID-19 Shutdown

Following several requests from customers over the last few days regarding staff working from home, we have put together the following email to offer our help and support.

The Situation PM Boris Johnson is to chair an emergency Cobra meeting today to discuss whether people should work from home following the WHO status upgrade of COVID-19 to pandemic. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK has now reached 460, after the biggest rise in a single day, with 42 confirmed cases in the Midlands.

Remote Working Solutions Remote working can be achieved in many ways: In most situations any hardware will be able to receive emails and online applications with some configuration. If your business permits VPN remote connection for remote working, we can give staff access to their office PC from their personal PC or laptop at home, there will be a small charge for this of £25 if the PC is an employee’s own.

We would also state that there may be a risk connecting that device to your work network as we would not know the anti-virus and security setup of that device, but we can obviously take a look for you if you are concerned.

Request Remote Working Access To minimise phone traffic and ensure efficiency and order, please send all external access requests through to and we will process these requests in the order received as quickly as possible to keep your business running smoothly. Should you need to purchase additional kit please speak to the team and they will get a quotation to you.

Our Support Continues Should businesses be forced to close, and staff ordered to work from home, please be assured we will continue to provide IT support as normal. Our staff are all laptop based and our business management solutions cloud based to enable us to work from anywhere. We will continue to offer telephone, email and remote support as normal.

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