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Our Guide to Remote Working

While Covid-19 restrictions are slowly lifting, many businesses are choosing to stay working remotely to reduce the chance of spreading the virus within an office environment.

As businesses reflect on the success of their remote working efforts, those looking to adopt the changes on a more permanent basis should now use this time to think about their short, medium or long-term plans.

No matter what setup your business has in regard to remote working, there is always room to improve the digital experience when working outside of the office. As attitudes toward remote working change, so should the approach toward technology and the tools needed to accommodate this new way of working.

For many businesses, this period will allow them to start testing remote working in a ‘hybrid’ environment. Instead of switching completely to a remote based environment, you can begin by working a few days from home, progressively developing the technology needed for longer term changes. This time will ultimately prove what new technology is required, what older technology will be faded, and what existing technology can be adapted and utilised.

Our Main Tips for Remote Working:

· Watch out for phishing emails

· Make sure that any software downloads are vetted

· Make sure all devices are updated with the latest software

· Turn on multi factor authentication

· Share passwords through an encrypted service

· Do not share your device with other household members

Don’t forget, our team are always available to help! Just get in touch by phone or email us to submit a ticket.

01562 270007


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