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Sending and receiving emails are an integral part of day-to-day business life.

Pinfields IT can optimise how you communicate between your colleagues and your customers. Configuring mobile devices such as phones and tablets to enable the sending and receiving of email while on the move is also a valuable tool. Pinfields IT offers a number of flexible hosted and exchange hosted email options suitable for most small to medium sized businesses.

Email security

As business emails are the primary medium hackers use to deliver malicious programs on, it is absolutely fundamental your business email is optimised in security and we can help you with this!


A poorly secured business email can be catastrophic to your entire business operation as all employees could be affected by the same phishing and malicious emails. These malicious emails can cause serious damage to your company and even set you up for ransomware. Not only would this be very costly for your business, but it would stop you from running business as usual. Therefore, the necessary precautions must be installed in place in order to prevent your business email from being leveraged in a cyber-attack.


As the number of advanced threats are increasing in popularity alongside the level of sophistication involved, basic anti-spam email filters no longer offer the required protection against these threats. So, our team can ensure the correct defence systems are in place to protect your business email against these higher-level threats.


The evolvement of business email-based threats has made identifying these threats significantly harder as malicious emails can now take the form of a regular email without you noticing. Should this happen, an employee can easily mistake a phishing email for a normal email, putting your business at risk. With this in mind, it becomes increasingly more important for your security defence systems to undergo continual updates in order to maintain security against the constantly developing threats. Our team can take care of the security of your business emails so you can keep your business running smoothly.

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