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IT Support Kidderminster

Innovative answers to technology

We believe every entrepreneur and business owner should invest in smart IT infrastructure. The old way of acquiring tech for your business, piece by piece, just doesn’t work - it’s time consuming and produces far from optimal results. Operating in Kidderminster and the surrounding areas, we’ll take care of your IT support so you can run and develop your business more efficiently.


Pinfields IT thinks differently about managing your IT support, meaning we’re able to bring you modern tech solutions in Kidderminster in a way that will free-up time for you to prioritise your business. We can provide full coverage of your workstations, servers, phone systems and peripherals, at any time. As an online business you’ll face many threats that could well have been prevented before they even occurred. We can keep you on top form with the latest software solutions that streamline your Kidderminster based workplace.


We monitor all your systems 24×7. Email, Wi-Fi, disk space, anti-virus protection, as a well as exceptions to the norm are immediately flagged and investigated. Our pro-active approach means we’ll protect you against threats and serious interruptions to your business. With our remote monitoring and proactive maintenance solutions, our IT Support team can keep your Kidderminster based systems ahead of any problems.


We have the suitable IT support measures and policies that will help you avoid data breach and compliance issues. We will maintain antivirus, run updates and make sure your network is running optimally by protecting you from security threats within Kidderminster. 


As a growing business, we understand the importance of efficiency. With over 30 years IT experience amongst this young company, Pinfields IT deliver IT support that is tailored to your business requirements in Kidderminster. We provide effective IT Support to help you boost your business. Using I.T. business tools means you can be more productive; you can connect with more customers enabling your business to grow.


If you’re looking for IT support in Kidderminster, contact our specialists today!   

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