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5 Top New Year’s Resolutions for Tech Security

Here are our 5 New Year’s tech security resolutions that will prepare your computer for any threats faced in 2018.

1) . Backup your data

It’s advised to make regular backups of your data. Being able to restore your computer to a previous, safe state provides you with complete peace of mind in an event that your computer is infected with harmful malware.

The most effective way to back up your data:

  • Make at least 3 copies of your data

  • Store these backups on 2 different media

  • Keep at least 1 of these copies offsite.

2) . Keep an eye open for scam

Around 3 in 10 people readily open spam emails and click on unidentifiable links. Make sure you know exactly who the emails from before opening it and even before clicking the link. This year be mindful or untrusted links and regularly update your internet browser and make sure you use a trusted antivirus product.

3) . Use anti-malware protection

Windows defender will do a half decent job at protecting your computer against some digital threats, nut it’s far from a comprehensive solution. This year, it might be best to invest in a proven anti-malware solution. We recommend using behaviour blocking technology, as it provides protection again even unknown threats.

4) . Set privacy filters on social media

Keep your personal information safe this year through setting up privacy features on social media. It’s time to turn your accounts to private. We also recommend that you disable auto location tagging and unticking any option that allow friends to tag you in photos.

5) . Install an ad blocker

Make your New Year’s Resolution to get rid of online adverts once and for all. You can do this through installing an ad blocker for your browser. It takes less than a minute to do so and can really improve your online experience.

If you follow these steps we ensure you'll have a safer online experience in 2018.

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