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Everything You Need to Know about Cyber Security.

More and more cyber criminals are targeting small business owners, not just big businesses and government bodies anymore. The best weapon is knowledge when it comes to protecting your business. This guide will help you understand the threats and how you can defend yourself against them. In 2015, 43% of cyber-attacks targeted small businesses, which is a 10% increase from 2014. In 2011, only 11% of cyber-attacks targeted small businesses, this shows that small businesses should take cyber security more seriously. The best thing to do is have knowledge, the more you understand about the inside of the cybercrime the better equipped you’ll be able to protect yourself as well as your business. Wi

8 Things You and Your Company Needs to Know About Cyber Security

An essential part of protecting valuable data is understanding cybercrime, especially when this data involves important business or organisation affairs. Cyber hackers have a variety of motives when hacking into networks, most often they look for financial gains through bribes, identity fraud or credit card information. These attacks can cost firms dearly as the hackers will take sensitive information then sell them on to the deep web where crime is hidden. To help protect data and stay alert against these attacks, businesses can imply solid network security protocols, this will keep information secure now as well as in the future. Data theft is responsible for nearly 80% of all unauthorised

Cyber Security for the Cloud.

There has been a recent study which shows that there are 7 benefits the cloud gives to strength security. It has unlimited storage capabilities for global threat intelligence and historical data which has powerful processing capabilities for security analytics and the ability to deploy security technologies which will even the most remote outposts. However, your security team should think about how attackers are now banking on the increasing usage of software as a service app that is based in the cloud. If you are able to understand and address the main security challenges that cloud apps will introduce to your organisation it will require visibility into what data is stored in the cloud as

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the body of technology that is designed to protect different networks, devices, data and programs from damage, attack or unauthorised access. It is also known as information technology security. Why it is Important. Cyber security is important because everyone stores large amounts of data on their computers and devices. This data could be sensitive information and if it is exposed it could lead to negative consequences. This information could be financial data, intellectual property or personal information you don’t want shared. A lot of bigger businesses transmits sensitive data across networks or to other devices while doing work, cyber security describes the discipline t

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