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Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

IT support can be over looked and not treated as a concern. However, when your first problem occurs, such as a server crashing or email going offline, owners begin to realise the importance of IT Support. We recommend putting IT support in to place before the problem occurs. Here’s three key reasons to why you should get IT Support: 1. Staying Productive Trying to solve operational problems can be a real setback. Knowing that the operational problems are in the hands of dedicated experts, you are able to keep on top of your business. People can continue with their jobs and you therefore won’t have to worry about a decrease in productivity. Therefore, IT Support will help benefit the growt

Why Cyber Security Is So Important For Your Business

Your business is only as secure as the data you’re holding. If you are hacked you can lose access to your personal and financial data for you or your clients. This could also disrupt your website; or you could even see financial loss. It is therefore necessary to put in place cyber security systems in order to protect your network, website, data and communication systems. Here are a few ways you can increase your level of security: Anti-Virus Software A firewall is a good start. This will help prevent the majority of malicious software and hacking attempts will struggle to even make it to your network. Some malware will still make an appearance and therefore it’s advised to take further prec

5 Top New Year’s Resolutions for Tech Security

Here are our 5 New Year’s tech security resolutions that will prepare your computer for any threats faced in 2018. 1) . Backup your data It’s advised to make regular backups of your data. Being able to restore your computer to a previous, safe state provides you with complete peace of mind in an event that your computer is infected with harmful malware. The most effective way to back up your data: Make at least 3 copies of your data Store these backups on 2 different media Keep at least 1 of these copies offsite. 2) . Keep an eye open for scam Around 3 in 10 people readily open spam emails and click on unidentifiable links. Make sure you know exactly who the emails from before opening it a

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