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Benefits of Remote IT Support

Your IT team is a vital part of your business. By having the latest technology, you are able to provide high quality services to your clients and fill their expectations of you. If you are a small business then you might not be able to hire your own IT company or you don’t have the time to hire any new staff, this is why hiring an outsourced IT company is the best Remote access gives the ability of someone on an external computer access to your computer, this can be really useful if you are a small business as nearly any IT issue can be resolved remotely. Here are some benefits of remote IT support: Allows You to Focus on Your Business As an owner of your own business, your main goal is to g

Is Cyber Security your Top Priority?

Your cyber security systems need to be updated so they match the threats that are currently out there in the online space. It’s important to be aware of the newest threats and malware, as well as knowing what the most common attacks that currently attack small businesses. There is a fixed set of patterns in cyber threats that businesses face. All businesses use a similar type of software and communication channels, which have fixed loopholes that hackers can exploit. If you are aware of the standard malware and cyber threats, then you will be protecting your businesses data better. Here are some of the most common trends in cyber-attacks that a lot of businesses face today… Social Engineerin

Why your Business Needs to be on the Cloud

It is estimated that approximately 83% of business traffic will involve cloud application, this is driven by smart decision making. No one really understood what the cloud was or how it could help their business when it first came out, but overtime technology has improved allowing there to be flexible solutions to your business. Cloud solutions are now the logical step to help your business and here’s why… Safer Data If all of your data is stored on drives then your data is at a higher risk of either becoming corrupted, hacked, crashed or more. When you put your data into the cloud, it will be safe with back-up systems in place in case anything goes wrong. You’re always updated! Cloud applic

10 Cyber Security Tips

You might spend some time looking into your business’s security plans; however, your businesses employees might not do the same. If you don’t talk to your employees about cyber security then they probably wouldn’t do anything to protect your business, which could cause a serious problem in the future putting your business and clients in danger. To make sure these problems don’t happen in the future. Cyber Security Tips to Protect your Business: Make sure you store all of your business’s data on an in-house network, if you keep all of your files stored on your desktop then they probably won’t get backed up. When using Google Drive or Dropbox, make sure you are using a company account instead

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