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How You can Protect Important Data

If large corporations can’t seem to protect their important data, how can a small business protect theirs? A lot of small business owners don’t even know how to protect themselves against any cyber threats. There is a lot of new information about different threats that are now around but for a small business, all of this new information can be overwhelming. Especially if you have no in-house IT experts to help. Here’s some advice on how to protect your important data. Knowing your Business To know your business, you need to ask yourself some key questions… What sort of data do you have and is it sensitive? Do you have your employees’ details or even some important details of your client? Any

Our Guide to Cyber Security

If you’re a small UK business this guide will be perfect to protect your business from potential online attacks. Recent studies show that 45% of small businesses identified a security breach of attack in the last year and cyber-attacks on small businesses cost the economy over £5bn a year. Here are some simple steps to help protect your business – Passwords to Protect your Data Make sure all of your devices, like laptops, tablets and mobiles have password authentication, this can be a PIN or fingerprint recognition. If you choose to have a password that is a word then you need to make sure that it is a strong password which includes numbers and capital letters, and if possible, symbols. Back

5 Common IT Problems and Solutions

As an IT Support company, we deal with a lot of different problems that range from simple little problems to the near impossible. Over the past couple of years, we started to notice that some of the problems that our customers have are quite similar. Here’s some of the most common IT problems, and how to solve them. “One of the documents I was working on closed before I could save it.” This is one of the most common problems that we deal with. Your work is not definitely lost, especially if you have Auto-Recover turned on in your settings. If you don’t have this setting turned on, then you can search for work backup files by clicking open > computer then browsing to the folder where you last

What is an Online Back-Up?

Company data is very important to a business, if it got lost then there is a strong chance that the company wouldn’t be able to continue. Even though a lot of businesses know this. It is surprising that they still don’t know if their back-ups work. The 21stCentury brought us USB keys and external hard drives, which have now grown in storage capacity. A lot of USB keys now hold multiple gigabytes while external hard drives hold multiple terabytes! Cloud storage/online backups will be the future for all businesses. How is your company data currently being backed up? If your files and folders are saved locally you have a higher risk of losing them. If you don’t have a back-up, then you will los

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