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5 Common IT Problems and Solutions

As an IT Support company, we deal with a lot of different problems that range from simple little problems to the near impossible. Over the past couple of years, we started to notice that some of the problems that our customers have are quite similar. Here’s some of the most common IT problems, and how to solve them.

“One of the documents I was working on closed before I could save it.”

This is one of the most common problems that we deal with. Your work is not definitely lost, especially if you have Auto-Recover turned on in your settings. If you don’t have this setting turned on, then you can search for work backup files by clicking open > computer then browsing to the folder where you last saved the file

“My computer is too slow”

When this happens, it could be because you are running too many programs on your computer or having scheduled systems scams, as this causes slow performance on your computer. We can help you handle all of your scans and updates automatically, so they go off out of hours, this helps ease the issue of having fewer programs running together.

Your computer could also be running slow because you haven’t turned it off properly for a couple of weeks. If you notice your computer has started running slower, give it a break by shutting down programs you don’t use then shut the computer down for a few minutes.

“I can’t print anything”

Have you checked that the printer is turned on, has paper, has ink or toner and has the correct paper in the tray? If you have and this is all correct then it could be a connection issue and the printer isn’t connected to the network properly, if you think this is the case, phone us!

“I can’t log in!”

Have you made sure that the caps lock isn’t on? If you are positive that you have typed in the password right, then this could mean that your password could have expired, or your account is locked because of the amount of log in attempts. If this is the case, then we will be able to reset your user rights and password.

“I deleted an important file and I need to recover it”

Check your recycle bin first, just to see whether it has gone in there. If it hasn’t then we will be able to back up your data so that anything you delete is recovered.

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