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Why You Need to Regularly Back Up Information

No matter how big your company is regular backups are essential to secure your company’s network. Doing regular backups is the most important step you can take to avoid a network disaster. Backups will ensure that regardless of your current security, you have secure and clean data in case their is a data loss, hack attack or even a natural disaster. Here are 3 reasons on why you should regularly backup your information. Failure to Backup can Cost You Money Having regular backups is an insurance policy for your business. Seeing as the modern business is supported by computer networks, if you lose this data it can have a really bad financial effect on your business. Even small security breache

What is a Back Up

An online back up is a method of off-site storage, which data is regular backed up over a network on a remote server. This is typically hosted by a service provider. Online back ups are basically the same as a cloud back up. Before the term cloud was used, an online back up meant backing up to a serviced providers site, now that site is almost always some kind of cloud. You can pay a service provider to handle back ups and the pricing with depend on capacity, frequency and the size of the back up. SMBs with lower back volumes and smaller IT teams are prime users for online back ups. Some organisations can still use traditional back up software to move data to a public cloud, this is a simila

Browser Compatibility

Your browser is probably the most used application on your computer, it’s your window through which you shop, learn, communicate and entertain. When you’re shopping on your browser you are more likely to see the https:// or a padlock icon, this will reassure you that the personal data you enter will be kept secure. Recently researchers have discovered a weakness in most websites that are protected by the secure sockets layer (SSL protocol) which allows attackers to silently decrypt data when it has been passing between a webserver and an end-user browser. This problem is in versions 1.0 and earlier, because of the transport layer of security (TLS protocol) which is the successor to the SSL t

Is Your Company Using Legal Software?

Using software that is legal doesn’t only protect you against the risk of legal action, it also helps you avoid wasting money on unnecessary software and it reduces the risks of IT security problems. When acquiring and managing software make sure you have an organised approach and that all of your employees understand your policy and why it’s important. Software Risks Illegal software can be a source of viruses, malware and many other security problems. Software that is downloaded off the internet can carry viruses, especially if it has come from a disreputable source. Illegal software can also contain spyware and Trojans which will allow hackers to break into your computer to steal data. It

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