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How to Make a Secure Password

A key to digital life is having a strong password that will protect your information. You need a password to be able to network with friends or work colleagues and banking and payment services. You want to keep your passwords private to protect your personal life and financial information as a lot of hackers want the financial gain when hacking into your bank account.

The most important passwords are those for your social media and email accounts. When someone gains access to your email account they can use the “forgot your password” link to all the other websites that you use, for example shopping or banking sites. If a hacker gains access into your social media accounts, they will be able to scam your friends by sending out dangerous links.

Without using phising or spyware there are many ways hackers can get your password. One way is guessing your password based on personal information from the security questions you have answered, so never use and personal information in your passwords. Another way is by using a password cracker, which uses brute force by using multiple combinations of characters until they gain access to your account.

The shorter and less complicated your password the quicker it can be guessed or cracked with the password cracker whereas the longer and more complicated the password the less likely the attacker will use the password cracker method because of how long it will take.

How to make a secure password –

  • Use the two-factor authentication whenever possible, this adds another layer of security.

  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

  • Make sure your passwords are at least 8 characters long.

  • Use abbreviated phrases.

  • Change them regularly

  • Always log out of websites and devices when you are done using them

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