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Remote IT Support

As of Monday 16th March, many businesses have now begun working from home in response to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Having carried out a large number of remote IT support requests, we are fully aware of the importance to continue business as usual from the setting of your own home. Therefore, we have devised a plan of action in order to meet your remote IT support needs.

Our team can help with the configuration of your devices so that you’ll be able to receive emails alongside other online applications in most situations. With our remote IT support, you can rest assured knowing our automatic 24/7 servers will be running to monitor and report any immediate issues with your systems.

Should your business permit VPN remote connection for remote working, we can provide remote IT support in order to grant employees access to their office PC from their personal PC or laptop at home. A small charge of £25 will be incurred if the PC is an employee’s own.

We would also like to address the risk involved with connecting an employee’s personal device to you work network as the anti-virus protection and security setup of that device may lack insufficient measures of protection. However, should this be an area of concern, our remote IT support team can certainly take a look for you.

As our remote IT support team are laptop based alongside our business management solutions being cloud based, this enables our team to work from anywhere. So, if businesses are forced to close in the foreseeable future, you can have a peace of mind that our remote IT support will continue running as usual.

In order to manage the high demand of remote working access requests efficiently, please send all external access requests through to and our team will process these requests as quickly as possible to keep your business running smoothly.

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